Monday, September 10, 2012

Love is for EVERYONE!

I've been trying to avoid posting political rants on this blog for the most part, but I have lost my patience tonight! Love is for EVERYONE! I'm so sick of religious people claiming that because they are "christian" they are better than everyone and that that the law should follow their views. I'm so SICK of people who ACTUALLY watch FOX News and believe that garbage! I'm so SICK of people who live in ignorance and refuse to accept any other ideas into their lives! I'm SO done with it!!! People should be able to love WHOMEVER they want! Regardless of gender or sexual preference! There is NO reasonable legal argument against that!!! Women should be able to control what happens inside of their bodies!!! There is NO reasonable arguement against that! The government should help those in need!!! There is NO reasonable argument against that!!! NO gay people will not corrupt your children! NO women do NOT use abortion as birth control!!! NO people on welfare are NOT all lazy drug addicts!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW ALL THIS????? ALL of it affects me in one way or another!!! So before you go and judge other pick up a book and READ!!!


  1. What does "lies of the modern media" have to do with love?

  2. Amen! (meant as only a queer atheist can say it). I will never understand why people think what goes on in another's body should be controlled by the government, or love. Seems to me religion is more about control than love.