Thursday, August 30, 2012

Confusion abounds!

After my ex Bruce and I broke up we tried to be friends, but because we both agreed that we were still attracted to one another it was always more of a "friends with benefits" sort of thing. During that time Bruce and I spent a lot of time fighting with each other on and off mostly because we still had a lot of unresolved issues left over from our relationship. Part of the problem is that when Bruce gets angry or upset he would rather ignore the issue and try to rationalize it away, while I would rather confront the issue head on so that I can move on. Due to Bruce's unwillingness to confront his issues with me many of our issues continued to be a problem for months. By the time May rolled around Bruce got so angry that he told me that he was never going to speak to me again. A month and a half later, on a random night in June, I get a text message from Bruce asking why he can't get me out of his head when he is drunk. I used that as an in and we started talking again, although this time it was mostly sexting and the occasional hook up. One August Sunday night Bruce had told me that if I sent him a sexy video that we could hook up on Tuesday night. I sent him the video, and so that Tuesday I was planning on hooking up with him. In the middle of the day Bruce just goes and drops the bomb on me that he has a new girlfriend! I was shocked, and hurt, and confused.

A few weeks later Bruce and I had another fight because I felt that he was being disrespectful towards me. Bruce essentially told me that he doesn't respect me and so I was very hurt and angry. I sent him a message saying that I was done with his disrespect and unless he learned to respect me I wasn't going to speak to him again. Bruce didn't respond. I didn't hear anything from him until last Friday night when he told me he was drunk and horny and asked if I wanted to hook up. The next day I was SO angry at him that I threatened to show all his friends the incriminating photos I had of him if he didn't stop treating me with disrespect! This time Bruce responded VERY quickly. He apologized profusely and explained that he had been dumped by his new girlfriend that night. We agreed to let by gones be by gones and start over from scratch.

On Monday night after I'd had a few too many glasses of wine and was extremely horny I texted Bruce to ask him if we were back to doing the whole "Friends with benefits" thing since he'd been dumped. He replied that he didn't know if he was back on the market or not because apparently the new girlfriend had him very confused as to what she wanted. I told him that he should just ask her. Then last night he sent me a text message telling me that he was very drunk and very horny, but doesn't know whether or not he is in a committed relationship. Once again I told him to ASK HER.

Obviously Bruce is very confused as to whether or not he is in a committed relationship with this girl, but honestly I think that if he really wanted to be with her he would be with her. He wouldn't be texting me about how horny he is if she was the one that he wanted. He would be texting her! I actually kind of feel bad for him in a way because he tends to jump into relationships to quickly because he is lonely. At the end of the day Bruce is a nice guy, and he doesn't deserve to be taken advantage of. I guess I have to admit that I do have an interest in this because I'd like to have my sexting buddy back, but I also have someone new in my life that I've been going out with and I don't know how much longer I'll be single.

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