Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Suck on that!

Towards the end of our relationship Bruce was always going around telling me about how clingy I am. He told me that because I kept saying that I missed him, and I would invite him to come along when I went out with my friends that I was clingy. This is something that has always bothered me because at the time I was worried that he was right because I was in love with him and would have believed anything he said. Overtime I came to realize that I was right at the time and he was wrong. He was calling me clingy because he felt bad about blowing me off, and he took the things that I was saying to him about missing him and such as some sort of judgement rather than the simple admission that I was missing the man I loved. Today I found a test online to determine how clingy you are. After everything that happened with Bruce I was naturally curious to see what my results would be. As it turns out the quiz confirmed what I already new. I'm NOT clingy. This is just yet another thing that goes onto the list of things that Bruce was wrong about when it came to our relationship.

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