Tuesday, August 28, 2012

History is in the past, but sometimes it comes creeping back!

Since I've decided to start blogging about my crazy life I decided it would be a good idea to sit down and spell out all of the men in my history so that I don't forget. I think looking back on my history with men may actually help me learn more about myself. I saw someone do this on thoughtcatalog.com and I really liked the idea, so now its my turn.

My Sexual History:

1) The guy from the dance club... aka my first kiss
Age: 17 Date: November 2005
When I was a senior in high school my parents had to go out of town for a weekend when I had to work. Since they were going out of town and would have no idea where I was at I decided I would go to the dance club they had expressly forbidden me to go to with my friends. I'd always wanted to go there so that weekend I went. This guy from what I remember was a bigger hispanic guy. He came up and started dancing with me and as inexperienced as I was I had no idea what to do to get rid of him. I also was 17 and desperately didn't want to go to college without being kissed! From what I remember he was a terrible kisser! He kept biting my lips really hard and used a lot of tongue. We made out for a while on the dance floor and then I finally managed to ditch him. Honestly I don't even remember his name.

2) Matt
Age:18 Date: Spring 2006
Later on that year I met Matt because he was in my gym class. Originally we had made plans to go rock climbing with two of our other friends but they bailed so we ended up going to a movie together. He started holding my hand during the movie and then a few days later asked to be my boyfriend. Matt was a sophomore and I was a senior and I desperately wanted a date for prom, so even though I didn't really like him that much I tolerated his presence in my life. At prom it was a nightmare. First he got sick that weekend and almost didn't make it, then at dinner he threatened to stab my best friends date with a butter knife, on the dance floor he kept leaning on my making it hard for me to dance, and finally towards the end when he decided to make out with me he basically was just sucking my face. Needless to say it was one embarrassing night, and I made an effort to avoid him from then on. I basically broke up with him by disappearing since I was going away to school the next fall.

Age: 21 Date: Summer: 2009
Adam was a guy I met at a dance club while I was on vacation. He was the first guy to ever finger me. I thought he was really hot. We'd actually met him on the train and then he joined us at the club. He asked me out after, but I declined since I was only going to be in town a few more days and I was going to be very busy.

Age: 22 Date: April 2010
Kamil was someone whom I'd known for a while and had been friends with for over a year. We were very close friends and hung out a lot. A lot of our friends liked to joke that we were going to end up getting married one day. On the night of my 22nd Birthday party we both got very drunk and my friends convinced him to pick me up and carry me into the bedroom. We started making out. I was shocked because contrary to what everyone else kept telling me I thought for sure he didn't find me attractive. I ended up giving him a blow job and we started having sex but the condom broke so we stopped. It was really awkward because our friends were right outside and because I had my period at the time. We cleared everything up between us the next day and we remained friends for almost two more years before he decided never to speak to me again. There were a couple other times that we hooked up leading to blow jobs or hand jobs, but that was it. In the end I think he was in love with me, but thought we could never be together because of our different backgrounds. I really liked Kamil, and considered him a good friend.

Age: 22 Date: Spring/Summer 2010
John was a friend of mine that I'd known for a while. I used to hang out with him and Kamil on a regular basis. One night I had John and Kamil over for "Margarita night" and after Kamil and I were significantly drunk Kamil convinced me to give John a hand job. Later on that night John and I made out a bit. A week later John and I were hanging out and he proposed that we be "friends with benefits" I had started to become more sexually curious after my 22nd birthday incident so I agreed. The only requirement was that we never had intercourse. We hooked up a few times in the spring/summer. The whole time we successfully hid it from Kamil. One night the three of us were at a party at my friends house and John and I went outside and started hooking up and while we were naked two of my friends came out looking for me and caught us in the act. One of those friends had a major crush on me and proceeded to go inside and tell everyone including Kamil. I only saw John maybe once after this at an event for a mutual friend.

Age: 22 Date: Summer 2010
Nevzat and I had been friends for about a year when I invited him and some of my other friends over for a small party. During the party I became upset with Kamil and our friend Dan. I was partially upset because Dan had a crush on me and was very drunk so he kept hitting on me which I found to be quite irritating. Nevzat and I went for a walk together so I could get away from Dan and we ended up hooking up. We both went down on each other, but we didn't have sex because we didn't have a condom and I wasn't on birth control. We made out on one other occasion 2 years later, but that was it. I am still friends with Nevzat.

Age:22 Dates: August 2010, January 2011, July 2011, June 2012
Dan is a friend that I've known since 2008. We went to school together and have many mutual friends. Dan has issues reading people and therefore can be very annoying from time to time. In Fall of 2009 he developed a crush on me that just wouldn't die. We hooked up a few times and had sex twice. I am still friends with Dan.

Age: 23 Dates: August 2011-August 2012
Bruce was my first real boyfriend and my first love. We were friends for almost a year before we actually started dating. We dated for four months before Bruce broke up with me in a text message. Since then we have tried to be friends which hasn't always worked so well, and we have had sex several times. Currently I am still friends with Bruce.

9)Weed guy
Age: 24 Date: Early January 2012
The night that Bruce dumped me I was at a friends going away party and ended up making out with weed guy. I call him that because he reeked of weed. I gave him a hand job and we probably would have had sex except I had no condom.

10) Tom
Age: 24 Dates: January-July 2012
Tom was a friend of mine that one day after we'd known each other about a year suggested that we be "friends with benefits" I'd just been dumped by Bruce and needed a self esteem boost so I agreed. We hooked up a few times including one the one night we had a threesome. Tom is still my friend.

11) Irina
Age: 24 Date: March 2012
Irina is a friend and she and I decided one night we wanted to have a threesome with Tom. We did. We made out that night and I fingered her.

12) Kyle
Age 24 Date: April 2012
Kyle was the first guy that I met online that I ended up hooking up with. He was a few years older than me and had gone to my high school. Kyle and I made out on the first date. He was a good kisser. On our second date we gave each other oral sex, and on the third we had intercourse. He had promised before our third date that if we had sex he wasn't going to just disappear. That is exactly what he did.

13) Michelle
Age: 24 Date: June 2012
Michelle is the friend of a friend. We went out with our mutual friend one night and because I was too drunk to drive I ended up staying at her place. I don't know how it happened but we ended up making out. I fingered her. We still hang out from time to time with our mutual friends.

14) Mark
Age: 24 Date: June 2012
Mark is another guy I met online. We went on one date, and because I was somewhat drunk and super horny we ended up having sex. We agreed to go on another date at the time and still texted one another from time to time after that, but we never did go on that second date.

15) Arben
Age: 24 Date: June 2012
Arben is another guy that I met online. We ended up making out and hooking up on the first date and having sex on the second. Arben was younger than I was and was very sexually charged. We dated for about a month before he decided he just wasn't that in to me and broke things off. Arben was the first guy since Bruce that I'd actually seriously considered dating.

16) Army guy
Age: 24 Date: July 2012
I met army guy at a bar that I went to with Irina. Army guy was there with his friend. We ended up going on an adventure that led to Army guy and I having sex while Irina had sex with Army guys friend. This is the only true one night stand I've ever had.

Total people I've kissed: 16
Total people I've had oral with: 9
Total people I've had sex with: 8
Total ratio Men to women I've kissed: 14:2
Total people I've dated: 4
Total times I've been in love: 1

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  1. Crazy to see a break down like that, and interesting as well, to get to know the writer on that intimate level, and as a great setup to the whole reading about someone's sexual life, having that history will make the reader connect more, no matter how shocking it is to simply read.